Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Foton Pearled Candles. If you can't find your answer here, please contact us via the chat button at the bottom right of your screen, through the online form here, or via email

1. Are they scented? 

We offer both unscented and various scented versions. You can see all the scent descriptions in one of the images and in the drop-down menu on the product pages. Please note all of our colored versions currently only come unscented.

2. Can I add my own scent?

Yes, just choose one of our Scent Free products and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or candle fragrance oil close to the wick BEFORE lighting it. Please do so at your own risk and comfort level, keeping in mind oils are very flammable and should never be added to a burning candle. You'll find that some oils work better than others, so experiment carefully until you find some that work.  It is the user’s responsibility for all modifications made to the candles such as colors and scents.

3. How strong are the scents? 

Our pearled candles are designed to provide a unique candle experience and are often used to create large centerpieces on dining tables. For this reason, we aim to provide a mild to medium scent profile that is not strong or overwhelming.  If you’re looking for a strong scented candle, Foton is likely not right for you.

4. Are they pet-friendly / safe around dogs & cats? 

Yes, our pearls are plant-based, clean-burning, and pet-friendly. We still recommend keeping them out of reach of pets since they’re technically not edible and burning with real fire, but you'll be glad to know the pearls are non-toxic and not expected to be harmful if a small amount is ingested. You can also take some comfort knowing that pearled candles self-extinguish if accidentally spilled as the pearls snuff the flame. 

5. Are they safe to burn around birds?

We are proud to say that our product ingredients have been reviewed by veterinarians specializing in birds and they stated they've never seen a safer candle on the market! 

That said, just like humans, pets and birds can potentially have individual sensitivities to certain fragrances etc. so we recommend not burning candles in the same room with birds just out of an abundance of caution. We also do offer a Scent Free option if you’re wanting to be extra careful.

6. Do you have to use a new wick every time? 

Nope, you can relight the same wick multiple times and burn it as long as it lasts. Each wick can burn around 12 hours. That said, we give you plenty of wicks with every pearled candle so you could refresh your candle as often as you'd like to make it look new again.

You can also cut the wick and re-use the part that hasn't been used yet, or flip the wick to bury the melt pool for zero waste while still making your candle look brand new. Keep in mind cutting the wick will shorten the burn time. 

7. My wick extinguishes quickly, what am I doing wrong? 

The most common reason why the wick is not burning for the full 12 hours is if the wick tip is left too far out of the pearls. When inserting the wick, aim to have only about a quarter-inch tip sticking out, just enough to light it. Leaving the wick our further will shorten the burn time. 

8. How long does it last? / What's the burn time? 

Each wick lasts around 12 hours, and you get 30 wicks with every 18oz candle, 100 wicks with every XL Kit, and 200 candles with every Bulk Bag. 

The total burn time varies greatly based on how the product is used. Do you relight the same wick or refresh it each time? Do you use one or more wicks at a time? How long are you letting them burn before refreshing your candle? All these will affect how long your pearled candle will last. That said, the pearls burn slower compared to traditional candles and each 18oz Foton Candle can provide up to 120 hours of burn time. 

9. Can I use Foton for floating candles? 

Yes, all of our white pearls float on water while our colored products are NOT suitable for floating candles. We recommend pouring at least a 2" height of white pearls on top of water and making sure the bottom of the wick is not touching the water. Just add any decorations you'd like into a vase, fill it with water until the decor is submerged, and then pour Foton pearls on top. 

10. Can I reuse the pearls after using them as floating candles? 

Yes! Just scoop out the pearls with a spoon or catch them in a fine-meshed strainer, then allow them to air dry on paper towels before reusing. The more you spread them out, the faster they will dry. 

11. How can I extinguish pearled candles? 

You have options! You can use a flame snuffer, dip the wick with a wick dipper, or simply blow it out gently. Nope, the pearls won't fly everywhere if you blow out the flame carefully.

12. What are the ingredients?

Our pearls are made from highly purified plant-based wax, burning cleanly with minimal smoke or soot. They do not contain paraffin or any known allergens. We use both natural and synthetic fragrances to scent our scented versions. Our scents are free of phthalates and parabens. 

13. What container can I use? 

Fireproof containers are recommended, but it's possible to also use other containers safely as long as they're big enough. The key is to prevent the melt pool from reaching the container edge and to keep the container from heating up while burning. Generally, that means 4" minimum container width at the narrowest part but test it carefully and make sure it's not heating up while burning.

Also, make sure to have at least 2 inches of pearls around each wick (use only one wick in a 4-inch wide container!), and least 1 inch between the bottom of the wick and the container bottom. Review more safety instructions here

 14. Where are your products made?

We're proudly family owned and operated in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. We make and ship all of our products from our manufacturing center in Arkansas, USA. European orders are fulfilled from our warehouses in Europe. 

15. How quickly do you ship? 

We typically ship within 24 hours, and do our best to fulfill most orders the same day. You can see the transit times and expected delivery dates at checkout. We offer free economy shipping within the US, but you can also choose to pay for a faster shipping option at checkout if needed. Please note fulfillment times can be extended during busy shopping seasons such as the holidays. Contact us if you have a specific question/concern about delivery times. 

16. Do you offer wholesale/bulk options? 

Yes, whether you're looking to resell Foton Candles at your store, or looking to purchase in bulk to use for decor, please contact our friendly team at to tell us more about your business, where you're located, and which Foton products you're interested in. 

17. Which countries do you ship to? 

We're currently available in the USA & select other countries around the world. You can find more detailed information in our Shipping Policy

18. Where can I enter my e-mail for the first order discount? 

You can enter your e-mail on the popup that first appears when you enter the site. If you already closed it, you can find it again by clicking on the gift icon at the bottom left of your screen.


Couldn't find your answer? Please contact us via the chat button at the bottom right of your screen, through the online form here, or via email

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