Instructions & Safety

Foton pearled candles are simple to use and safer than traditional candles as long they're used correctly.


1. Pour the pearls into your favorite container. Fireproof containers are recommended, but it is possible to safely use other containers. Just make sure they're large enough to keep the melt pool away from the edge and prevent the container from heating up during use. Generally, that means 4" minimum container width at the narrowest part but test it carefully and make sure it's not heating up while burning.

2. Insert the wick with only a 1/4" tip sticking out of the pearls, just enough to light it. Leaving it our further causes the wick to burn down too quickly. Make sure to have at least 2" of pearls around the wick to prevent the melt pool from reaching the edge of the container or any decor that you use. You can also use multiple wicks in a larger container or cut the wicks shorter if you’re trying to use a shorter container. We recommend that you keep at least 1 inch of pearls under the wick. This leaves room for the wick to self-extinguish before it reaches the container. 

3. Light your Foton and enjoy. Our candles are plant-based, clean-burning, and pet-friendly. For a chance to be featured on our social media pages, get extra creative accessorizing your candle and post a picture or video of it on social media using #fotoncandle or find us on social media @fotoncandle. Just make sure to keep all decorations a safe distance (at least 2 inches) away from the wick


When used correctly, Foton is safer than traditional candles. 

Most importantly, keep the wick away from the container edge and bottom. This means you should have at least 2 inches of pearls around the wick (min 4" wide container) and at least 1 inch of pearls under the wick.

This way, if your Foton Candle is accidentally left burning, the flame will self-extinguish when it reaches the end of the wick without heating up the container. It will also self-extinguish when accidentally tipped over. Even with these additional safety features, please follow good fire safety practices such as 

1) Never burn your candles on or near anything that can catch on fire

2) Keep out of reach of children and pets

3) Keep away from drafts and flammable objects

Our Scent-Free product is pure and naturally odorless. It’s possible to add scent to the candle by dropping compatible fragrance oils close to the wick BEFORE lighting it, but please do so at your own risk and comfort level. You'll find that some oils work better than others, so experiment carefully until you find some that work. Never add essential oils or other fragrance oils to a burning candle as oils are highly flammable! It is the user’s responsibility for all modifications made to the candles such as colors and scents.

Our pearls are plant-based and non-toxic, but not edible, do not ingest. Avoid getting pearls in your eyes to avoid irritation.

It's REAL FIRE, please review and follow all safety instructions included in the box. Use responsibly and at your own risk! 

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