Our Story

We're family owned and operated in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. Foton® is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream by two sisters, Heidi & Sirli. From those early days of daydreaming in our joint bedroom, we always wanted to create products that solve actual problems in a clever way. By combining Heidi's background in chemistry & product development with Sirli's skills in logistics & design, Foton Pearled Candle was born. We found a way to make candles smarter - for us and for the environment. Foton can be used to repurpose existing containers into candles, a new patent-pending concept that is endlessly customizable, safer, and more sustainable vs. traditional candles. And yes, it lets you (safely) play with fire! 

Why the name Foton?

Foton (photon in English) means “a particle of light” in physics’ terms. We found no better way to describe our pearled candle product while also celebrating our inner science nerds.Well okay, maybe Heidi had a little more to do with that one. 

Our Mission

We offer clever candles for the creative that help you decorate like a pro while reducing waste.