About Foton

The Foton Foundation     

1. Endlessly Customizable 

    • Turn any existing container into a candle. Some examples you can use are a an old candle container, drinking glass, soup bowl, mason jar, coconut shell, carved pumpkin, margarita glass, serving tray…you get the idea! As long as you leave over 2″ clear in all directions around the wick, including the bottom, the melting pearls won’t harm your container. When in doubt, a larger container is safer!
    • With Foton, any shape candle is possible, and it’s a great way to bring your existing beautiful vases or dishes to life.
    • Accessorize your candle with decorations to fit any mood or theme, just be careful not to put flammable objects too close to the flame. For ideas, visit the Inspiration tab or our pages on Facebook and Instagram @fotoncandle.

    2. New Every Time

    • With Foton, you can light a brand-new candle each time! Just remove cooled, melted portion from last time, refill, insert a new wick, and light your brand new candle!
    • You can also pour the pearls into a different container next time if you’re ready for something new.

    3. Smart and Economical  

      • One Foton box contains enough pearls to fill three 6-oz candles, so it’s like 3 candles in one.
      • Foton burns longer compared to most traditional candles. Our standard scent-free Foton product contains 18oz of pearls and 30 wicks, which is up to 120 hours of customizable candlelight!
      • Foton is also safer than most candles as it self-extinguishes if accidentally tipped over. 

      4. Kinder to Earth

      • All materials used in creating the Foton product were carefully chosen with sustainability in mind.  The pearls are natural, and all packaging is recyclable. 
      • Foton creates almost no waste, and unlike a traditional candle, you can use up your entire product.
      • Find a clever way to re-purpose your Foton box once empty, or recycle it – no leftover containers. Bonus points if you take a picture of your repurposed Foton container and share it with us on our social media #fotonpearls.

            About Foton

            Foton® is a fulfillment of a life-long dream by two sisters determined to create a company of our own. From those early teenage days of daydreaming in our joint bedroom, we always imagined together launching a company that reflects who we are, what we value as consumers, and creating products that we can’t wait to use ourselves or recommend to our friends and family. 

            Why Foton?

            Foton (photon in English) means “a particle of light” in physics’ terms. We found no better way to describe our pearled candle product while also celebrating our inner science nerds. 

            Our Mission

            We aim to create products that we are excited about using ourselves, and hope we’re not the only ones. It’s as simple as that. We like products that are beautiful, clever, easy to use, versatile, Earth-friendly, and don’t make the husbands grumpy when they inevitably check the bank account. Foton checks all those boxes!