Refillable, Reusable Candles

Traditional candles often come in attractive containers, but refilling them with wax can be messy and time-consuming. Foton Pearled Candle offers a simple yet attractive solution. Pour our sustainably sourced reusable candle beads into your favorite candle containers to use them for their intended purpose time and time again.

Foton’s pearled candle refills are available in various colors, scents, and sizes to suit any container you want to reuse. Pearled candles are made of small plant-based wax pearls that users simply pour into a container, insert a wick, and light. You can refill old candle containers, but countless other objects too.

Our reusable candles can fill colorful bowls and wooden containers. They even float on water. Foton refillable candles offer an elegant and environmentally friendly solution to much messier and non-refillable traditional candles. They make great gifts too.

The Original Refillable Candle

Foton Pearled Candle is the original of pearled candles. For years, we’ve been the premier refillable candle company, making long-lasting, non-toxic refillable candle beads that can enhance any setting. You no longer have to reluctantly throw old candle containers in the trash because you can easily refill them with our pearled candles. Even better, our sustainably sourced, plant-based wax is also reusable and self-extinguishing when tipped over.

Foton’s reusable candle pearls eliminate all the hassle and mess associated with cleaning out and reusing traditional candles such as pillar candles. The ease of use and stunning appearance make them ideal for weddings and large events. Anyone desiring long-lasting candles that can be refilled in seconds will find Foton Pearled Candle an unbeatable solution.

How to Use Your Pearled Candles

Pearled candles allow you to be creative without making a mess or creating unnecessary waste. You can immediately turn any suitable container into an attractive, reusable candle. Pearled candles offer a unique and elegant appearance for weddings or serve as gorgeous accents throughout your home. Traditional candles are often discarded after use because the containers are so time-consuming to scrape clean. With Foton Pearled Candle, you’ll never have to throw away a candle jar again.

Foton candles are easy to use, clean-burning, and safe. They’re ideal for events, as they self-extinguish if left burning or tipped over. Event planners, spas, and restaurants can simply pour more pearled candles into their containers instead of constantly cleaning or buying new pillar candles.

The best way to understand the benefits of Foton Pearled Candles is to try them for yourself. Order our refillable/reusable plant-based pearled candles today.