Foton 18oz Pearled Candle
Foton 18oz Pearled Candle
Foton 18oz Pearled Candle
Foton 18oz Pearled Candle
Foton 18oz Pearled Candle
Foton 18oz Pearled Candle
Foton 18oz Pearled Candle

Foton 18oz Pearled Candle

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This Patent-pending Product Contains:

  • 18oz of natural candle pearls - enough to fill 3x12 fl oz containers
  • 30 wicks, each burn around 12 hours. Relight the same wick or replace each time. You can even cut it shorter to adjust the burn time or use in a shallow container. 
  • Total burn time is up to 120 hours, but varies based on how the product is used.
  • It's the size of 3 normal candles and can be refreshed to look brand new each time. 
  • Repurpose & refill an existing container into a candle - container is not included. Not sure what container to use? Shop our candle & vase set. 

Foton pearls are natural and burn cleanly with minimal smoke. Use Foton pearls to turn any container, vase or bowl into a unique candle - just fill it with pearls , insert one of the included wicks, and light it! The pearls will melt around the wick and emit a fragrance if you pick one of our scented products. The unscented product is great for people who like the ambiance of candles but are sensitive to scents. You can also add your own fragrance oils to the Scent-Free product, just please be careful and experiment at your own risk and comfort level.

You can refresh, refill, and reuse the unmelted pearls with a new wick to make a brand new candle each time you light it. Please review safety instructions before use. When used correctly, pearled candles are safer than traditional candles for two reasons. They self-extinguish when accidentally tipped over (and the mess is easier to clean than traditional candle wax!). Since the wick is designed to not reach the bottom of the container, it also self-extinguishes when it reaches the end of the wick without heating up the container. 

Candle Scents:

  • Scent-Free is pure, natural and unscented, designed to be endlessly customizable with fragrance or essential oils. Just add a few drops close to the wick before lighting it to give it your own favorite scent!
  • Dreamy Dunes is a crowd favorite with a fresh succulent and cactus flower odor, designed to strike a perfect balance between fresh and floral scents.
  • Lazy Lulu is sweet and tropical, designed to smell like a lazy day on Honolulu beach.
  • Mellow Mocha smells like a mellow Sunday morning  - fresh coffee with a hint of brown sugar.
  • Misty Monte is scented with sandalwood and jasmine, delivering a deeper, more masculine smell.
  • Sorry Sucker is designed to make your evenings outside more enjoyable by providing a fresh citronella scent that’s pleasant to us but not to the uninvited, flying guests.
  • Zesty Zen is scented with lemongrass and mint, delivering a clean and fresh scent.

Our plant-based wax pearls are made from highly purified and certified sustainably sourced components extracted from palm trees. They are non-toxic, paraffin-free and burn cleanly with minimal smoke, but they're not edible. While we expect the product to be non-toxic to pets, no specific testing has yet been done on animals to confirm this, so we recommend keeping it away from all kids and pets. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Such a smart product!

Truly such a fun, smart, unique product. I love having the ability to change out whatever jar I want my candle in each season. The smell is amazing!

Silva V
Aesthetic candle!

I love that you can reset the candle back to its original form!

Nicole M. Evans
Such a cool and beautiful candle

Okay I seriously love this! It’s so much fun to use. I put it in a clear glass pumpkin I got from target and it’s perfect!! This would make such a cool gift also

Lilith Wren
Personally not my cup of tea

Good product, but personally I wouldn’t buy it again. Is more safe than other candles, from less likely to burn down your health to even being made of safe chemicals… but I just didn’t like it and felt like it didn’t last long for my use.

Brittany Schwanke
So in love!

I got the un-scented I now can make unlimited smell combinations for a candle. There’s no mess unless you spill it or want to play with it like me. But I love the function of it and I’m not sure it I’ll buy any other candle in my life. Only thing I’d love to see is if they can make wood wicks for the perfect crackle candles.