Wedding Candles

Candles are romantic additions to nearly every wedding’s décor. However, traditional candles can be a nuisance for event planners, costing significant amounts of time and money. The wax used for traditional candles melts quickly, often leaving a mess that takes hours to scrape clean. Wedding planners continuously have to choose between taking the time to clean candle containers or simply throwing them away.

Foton Pearled Candle eliminates the waste and hassles associated with traditional wedding candles. You’ll never throw out a used candle container covered in wax and soot again. Simply pour the clean-burning, sustainably sourced wax pearls into a container such as a glass cylinder vase, insert the wick, and enjoy romantic lighting for any setting. Our candles come in a range of sizes, colors, and scents to suit the wedding décor and couple’s desires.

One of the most significant advantages of using pearled candles is that they’re refillable. You can refresh them in seconds by pouring more pearls in and changing the wick. Many event planners dread cleaning pillar candles for weddings. You can forget about scraping old wax and removing soot because our plant-based wax pearls are clean-burning and non-toxic. Finally, they’re a cleaner, safer, and more attractive option for wedding reception candles.

The Absolute Best Candles for Weddings

Finding the best bulk candles for a wedding can be a challenge. Fortunately, Foton Pearled Candle provides the ultimate environmentally friendly solution. Event designers and florists can easily create custom wedding candles by pouring our wax pearls into any suitable container, most often to their existing candle cylinders. You can fill containers of all colors, sizes, and varying materials. Our white pearled candles also float on water.

Couples can use sentimental items as candleholders as long as they’re large enough to safely hold the wax pearls. Pour the sand-like wax pearls into seashells, clay flowerpots, porcelain heirlooms, and more to incorporate meaningful items while enjoying a beautiful candlelit wedding. 

Event planners, florists, and anyone who sets up the wedding candles for the ceremony and reception appreciate that pearled candles are clean-burning. They don’t create soot and are remarkably easy to clean or refresh. You can also buy our scented or unscented candles for weddings in bulk. Our largest bag features 200 wicks and 55 pounds of unscented wax pearls.

We’re proud to supply sustainably sourced, top-quality pearled candles to world-class florists, wedding planners, and event rental businesses. Our pearled candles are also fire-safe and self-extinguishing if they tip over, making them a safe option for big events.   

Foton Pearled Candle offers white candles for weddings as well as wax pearls in various colors and scents to create the perfect atmosphere. We can even customize color shades to fit any event’s color scheme. Pearled candles are endlessly customizable and refillable, making them the most affordable option for any individual or business that consistently uses candles. You can reduce wax and container waste while improving any event’s ambiance with our long-lasting, refillable candle beads. The design opportunities are infinite when you choose Foton Pearled Candles. 

Learn more about pearled candles and discover unique ideas for inspiration right here on our website. We also offer tips on how to use our candles, whether you’re buying them for your home, event design business, or another purpose. Our refillable, environmentally friendly candles are also ideal for spas, offices, and dinner parties.

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff to learn more about our wholesale pricing, custom color shades, event starter kits, and more. We’re here to help you decorate your wedding or other event like a professional.